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In todays world it is essential to have a robust and reliable network. Whether its in the home or office environment, we all crave that constant connection to the internet and all its wonders! We love to fill our homes and office space with technology and smart equipment that needs to be connected to the internet and local network so that they can integrate and communicate with other equipment, give us innovative app control and constantly update to keep them healthy.

So whether its just an Amazon Alexa in the kitchen, a smart remote control in the TV room or a full blown home automation system throughout the whole house, a bullet proof network is the backbone for all scenarios.

We understand that Networks come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the scenario, and that why its so important that careful planning and product selection goes into every situation. This starts from the selection of the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and router as far as fibre optic links from building to building or as short as selecting the right Wireless Application Protocol (WA)P for a single bedroom flat

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Will Elliott

Whipley Manor Farm

We have worked with Nolan, Dave and DRS Electrical for several years and they are always our ‘go to’ when we need anything electrical doing. Nolan has a phenomenal team - they always offer excellent advice and solutions for even the most complex of situations - most recently installing fibre around our large farm.
This was a complex job that Nolan took in his stride and in my opinion, went above and beyond what we had agreed, working late evenings and weekends to ensure our clients around the farm that rely on these services were not negatively impacted. Nolan’s energy and enthusiasm for electrical work is enlightening. He has incredible skills and drive which shows in his finished product. Their prices are very fair and often come in cheaper than budgeted for and much quicker too. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for all their electrical, networking and home automation needs.