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Fibre optic links

Do you have an outbuilding or area that you need to connect to your local network or internet connection? A gate intercom, a pool house that you want to add to your existing Sonos Zones or maybe a home office? Well, a fibre link is your friend!

By using the correct fibre optic cabling and accessories in situations you negate all the classic problems that people face when linking external buildings or areas with their local network. Our team of trained professionals can advise on and install fibre link connections for residential and commercial properties.

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Tel: 01483 495223  -   Email: info@drselectrical.com

Marcus Gray

Castle Eaton Construction

We have been working with DRS Electrical for over 15 years. We have worked on many projects together and they always produce a high standard of work. They have a very personable and likeable team who will always do their best for each and every one of our clients.