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Racks & enclosures improvements

An untidy patch panel enclosure or the general state of a wired network and its distribution hub can be very frustrating, especially when trying to add to a system or maintain an existing system. Often when we are asked to work on an existing system or start maintaining an existing installation, we will take the time to tidy up the rack or enclosure.

This is not just about aesthetics, having a tidy, well labelled and accessible data enclosure can mean maintenance, fault finding and any ongoing work is much more efficient. It can also greatly decrease the chances of faults and problems occurring in the first place.

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Tony & Margaret Walker


When we undertook a major reconstruction of our home ten years ago, D R Smith and Partner were contracted to replace and extend the entire electrical system. We were very satisfied with the work and with the care and consideration with which it was carried out. This experience has led us to ask the company to undertake a number of smaller projects in recent years, we continue to be very pleased by their performance and would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar domestic work.