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Router Replacements For Homes & Offices

Like all electronic equipment, router’s have a shelf life, and over time can degrade and lose performance. In this instance it may be time to replace your old router in order to maintain the performance levels you are used to.

There are also other instances when it may be necessary to replace your router, such as the if the router that your ISP has provided is not up to scratch or does not have the functionality that your home requires. If you have smart devices in your home it is essential that you have a router that is suited to dealing with the possible problems that having smart devices in your home can bring.

We are able to provide advice on what router will be best for your requirements and then go on to supply and install your chosen solution.

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Will Elliott

Whipley Manor Farm

We have worked with Nolan, Dave and DRS Electrical for several years and they are always our ‘go to’ when we need anything electrical doing. Nolan has a phenomenal team - they always offer excellent advice and solutions for even the most complex of situations - most recently installing fibre around our large farm.
This was a complex job that Nolan took in his stride and in my opinion, went above and beyond what we had agreed, working late evenings and weekends to ensure our clients around the farm that rely on these services were not negatively impacted. Nolan’s energy and enthusiasm for electrical work is enlightening. He has incredible skills and drive which shows in his finished product. Their prices are very fair and often come in cheaper than budgeted for and much quicker too. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for all their electrical, networking and home automation needs.