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Telephone and VOIP systems in Surrey

The telecom infrastructure throughout the UK is slowly changing and although these changes are gathering pace, the majority of properties in the South East are still connected to the outside would via Open Reach’s copper Network.

For properties that fall within these circumstances, there are limited options for internet speeds and telephone systems, and the options can reduce even more depending on how close to the nearest exchange they are.

In terms of an Internet Connection, for properties that have a copper connection, there are up to 4 possible types of connection, depending on how close to the cabinet they are. ADSL – the oldest and slowest form of broadband, ADSL2+, a slightly upgraded version of ADSL, FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet and GFAST which is an upgraded version of FTTC.

With these types of internet connection, properties are generally sharing the copper line for voice and data, which can mean compromising the quality of service of one or both of these services depending on the circumstances of the installation.

With all this in mind, it means that it can be really important to take careful consideration when designing and installing a telephone system.

Depending on the quality of the internet connection within a property, it is worth considering VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as this can reduce installation cost, avoid service compromises and be a cost effective solution

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