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Wifi-systems solutions For Homes & Offices

We understand that in residential situations that WiFi is King, and that in most homes a fast, secure and reliable connection to WiFi is essential at all times.

But what is WiFi? WiFi is a vehicle for delivering a wireless connection from the smart devices in our homes, such as phones, touch screens and TVs to the internet or local network.

So just as the rickety old bike in the shed is not suitable for delivering the kids safely to school, nor is an inferior WiFi device the right vehicle for delivering a fast, secure and reliable connection to the local network!

Through years of experience and trying countless different systems, we understand the importance of knowing what works and what does not in all different situations.

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Claudia Brennan


DRS Electrical rewired the whole of my house for me. Since then, I have also worked with them on other smaller jobs. I can honestly recommend them without hesitation. They are professional, friendly and extremely reliable. Nolan was great when the house was being rewired, helping me to plan where all of the sockets would be and the specifications of all of the installation, so that we ended up with exactly what we wanted. Nolan gave great advice and came up with solutions to all obstacles. I have since been working with Sam on smaller jobs. He is very quick to respond and easy to work with. Both Nolan and Sam are great to have working in your home. They are respectful and professional and actually pretty good fun. I would trust them with any electrical work I have in the future.