Residential CCTV Installation, Weybridge

DRS Electrical

Case Study: Residential CCTV Installation

Client: Roger

Location: Weybridge, Surrey

The Security Division of DRS was instructed to install a complete security system for our Client Roger to protect his home and his family. Roger had noticed things being moved around the outside of his property and was worried that he was going to be a target of a future crime. So, we needed to act fast to avoid this happening.

Firstly, we sent our Security Expert, Dan, over to conduct a site survey. During this survey, he discussed with the client all the security options available to him. It was decided that a CCTV system would be the most suitable for Roger and his home. During the survey, the ideal location of the cameras were discussed to achieve the highest level of security. In addition to the level of security that the cameras provide, the clients were worried about how ugly and intrusive some cameras can be, so this was something we needed to factor into the design of the system.

Following our site survey Dan went away to quickly draw up a design proposal. It was identified that the property would benefit from a Hikvision CCTV system. We chose this system because the customer liked the design and look of the cameras and the features they have.

We installed 4 cameras across the property, covering the front entrance, side alleyway, back garden, and rear entrance. This gave Roger the reassurance that his property is covered from every angle possible.

As with many of the systems that we install, Roger has the ability to view the CCTV at any time from his mobile device ensuring that he is always confident that his home and family is safe. Roger will also receive alerts should there be any activity on the camera’s or when there is any activity with the intruder alarm system.

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