New Website Launch

DRS Electrical

Welcome to our shiny new website!

After several months (ok – years!) of planning, it is finally here!

We decided after over 40 years of trading successfully, that it was time to build ourselves a website.

The purpose of the website isn’t necessarily to create more sales in the first instance – we are lucky enough to have a very busy order book on repeat business and word of mouth alone – but more to highlight the breadth and depth of our knowledge and the variety of services that we offer. As you will see from taking a look around, we are much more than your average electrical contractor

We’ve decided that it is time that we stand up and shout about what we have to offer for our clients, partners and colleagues alike. We are a big player in our industry in the locality and its about time we acted like it!

But don’t worry, our core values of being a very thorough, professional and personable company offering great value for money has not changed – especially with perfectionist Nolan at the helm! This change is to promote our newer services that we are investing a lot of time and effort into and especially the employees.

There has been an abundance of training going on behind the scenes to ensure that we are always at the forefront of our industry and making sure that we are able to offer all of our clients the best possible solutions for their project and within their budget and to ensure that they are future proofed.

We very much look forward to working with you.

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Marcus Gray

Castle Eaton Construction

We have been working with DRS Electrical for over 15 years. We have worked on many projects together and they always produce a high standard of work. They have a very personable and likeable team who will always do their best for each and every one of our clients.”