Commercial Intruder Alarm, Bramley

DRS Electrical

Case Study: Commercial Intruder Alarm

Client: Whipley Manor Farm

Location: New Office Building, Bramley, Surrey

We have had an excellent working relationship with the guys at Whipley Manor Farm for many years and have an ongoing contract to carry out all their electrical works too.

Will asked us to help him out with the security side of things following the building of a new office block. The building was going to be separated into several units which will be occupied by different businesses, so it was essential that each unit has its own zone so that the alarm can be set in different zones at different times without affecting the communal spaces.

Following a site survey and in-depth discussions with Will, we decided the best solution would be to fit several motion sensors in each unit to ensure that the maximum area was covered.

The intruder alarm system specified protects each company from any intrusion or unauthorized access to their own unit. Each unit has their own personalised identification number and key fob for access.

The system that we installed is a Texecom 88 alarm system. We chose this because it lets us program multiple areas, zones and users which are required for this commercial project.

We installed 10 motion sensors in total. Each unit has its own keypad for arming and disarming, as necessary. We set it up so that Will, as well as each Client has remote access to the alarm system, and both will be notified of any activity once the alarm has been set. This has given Will cost effective peace of mind that his business is secure.

Will has also chosen to invest in our Level 3 Maintenance Package, so he has further reassurance that we will prioritise call outs to him should it be necessary.

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